Match Thread Man Utd v Everton. Saturday Oct 2nd.12.30 pm

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blue to the bone

Player Valuation: £70m
And on we go. A comfortable if not brilliant win at the weekend over a terrible Norwich side keeps us high up the table after 6 games.

But this one sees a marked step up in class as we head to Old Trafford to take on a multi talented squad including on the greatest of all time in Ronaldo. But villa went and beat em last weekend and moon head Maguire is out. And Ole is once again under pressure .
We are still down a lot of key players but pickford is back and there are rumours Richy maybe . We could really do with a better option up top then the immobile rondon . But townsend , gray and Doucoure continue to show real impressive form .

Last seasons game there was a classic with a last minute equaliser for us . Something similar here wouldn't be too bad would it .
Then comes another dreaded International break. So come ye blues. Into those cocky Manc scruffs .

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