Match Thread Man City v Everton - Sunday 21st November 2pm. Preview, Match Report and MotM Poll

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Having just watched Chelsea they are going to walk this league, which means we dont have to worry about Liverpool, so no need to do City a favor anymore ;)
Tend to agree, they absolutely dismantled Leicester. Could have been 7 or 8 but for three disallowed goals and a couple of decent saves from Schmeichel... and without Lukaku or Werner up front :eek:


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This is a very salient point @brian labone, and one I have been discussing with @Sassy Colombian on the Yerry Mina thread. There is something inherently wrong with our training and medical recovery practices to have so many injuries, and ones which invariably lead to long term problems.
In addition to training and medical practices, I would suggest the training surfaces at Finch Farm are also inspected as too many injuries are recurring ones related to the training ground.
Probably installed by RS contractors, as our new stadium will be. It’ll fall to pieces in 6 months no doubt.


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Just want to see a performance and some desire from the players. Will be a tough game do think if he goes 442/4411 with gordon townsend gray will leave us to open. Would say put gbamin in with gomes and davies out but seen nothing to see he will offer anything

bring back the catt

Player Valuation: £8m
Probably installed by RS contractors, as our new stadium will be. It’ll fall to pieces in 6 months no doubt.
Absolutely correct @Cool_Blue as that lot have previous at demolishing stadia. Blimey, they even carry souvenirs of the relics to other away games on the off chance they can hurl them indiscriminately at local catering suppliers.
Coprophilia is the noun which best describes them, and a word which screams out to be spelt with a 'K' which would give even greater oomph to the phrase,'koppites are g.........'!

bring back the catt

Player Valuation: £8m
Would never have stood with today's ridiculous protection of keepers.

Mind you it reminds me of a certain header ar Wembley in May 84 that did stand 😊
That was the last decision we had that actually went in our favour. The FA have certainly redressed the balance for that faux pas.
What is that gormless expression that get's rolled out far too often? Oh yes, "things even themselves out over the season". Utter rubbish! Anything played out in 'real time' can never be balanced out. Ever.
Apologies @Bluerover, this seems like a rant at you and nothing could be further from the truth.
Enjoy your evening as it might be difficult to enjoy tomorrow too much.
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