Match Thread Man City v Everton - Sunday 21st November 2pm. Preview, Match Report and MotM Poll

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blue to the bone

Player Valuation: £70m
So we are back again. After yet another international break. Last time out so us get a point against the Spurs in a game where Var seemed to screw us over . But now we have an easy game to get us back on track as we head up to the Ethiad to take on champions Manchester City.

I'm not sure who we will have available for this. Tom Davies is added to the injury list . But maybe Yerry Mina and Doucoure may return. They will all be needed .
City on their day can be devastating but throw in the odd disappointing day as well. Let's hope for the latter. But Jesus always nets against us so that's 2 we will need to one.
We have probably seen this game a few times before. They have 80 per cent of the ball , we actually defend ok but lose maybe 2.0.
But let's we positive and into these Oasis loving manc beauts .

Every othet game in the league i feel like we can a draw

Against City though, they get 70% possesion and cruise to a 2-0 , if we are lucky

Now come on Blues.
We should all know by now we could just as easily sneak an ugly 1-0 win as we could end up losing 5-0.
I'm going for a hard earned point after an off day for Citeh.
Perhaps they'll rest some of their whining, overpaid, over-hyped primadonnas ahead of their holy grail quest versus PSG.

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