Match Thread Man City v Everton - Sunday 21st November 2pm. Preview, Match Report and MotM Poll

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Another game of many this season that I've missed and actually been glad I didn't waste time watching, don't really see that changing either


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Just woke up...made up that our brave lionhearts kept the score line to only a 3 goal loss. My MotM is Crab Iwobi...because I feel a bit sorry for him.


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All these games do is highlight the massive gulf between a well run club that is rich enough to shop at Harrods, and a club run by amateurs who think they'll find a bargain at the charity shop.
I agree with your sentiments but a lot of our players were not bargains from the charity shop. Townsend, Gray, yes, with Rondon showing the risks of shopping in such a market. It's more like we've gone back to shopping at the charity shop, after squandering the money we inherited from a rich uncle (not called Bill) on fags, booze and wild, wild women.


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Think I will go for Townsend . Not brilliant but best of a bad bunch. The thing I like about townsend is he is steady. When he gets the ball he usually does something with it that I cannot expect from others. Richie for example will do something great or just lose possession cheaply. Townsend for me just does a steady if unspectacular job and rarely does a WTF was that moment. I trust him more than most of our players


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It has probably been said a lot before (sorry, if so), but I find it unreasonably restrictive, and indeed undemocratic, that the MoM poll is limited those players who actually set foot on the pitch. There must be many games, especially this season, where the bench players at least did no active harm, while all the players physically involved did us a load of damage. Arguably, the players not even in the match squad should have as much chance of MoM as the space-wasters inside the stadium. Mina MoM for me!

Sarnia Kevin

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Very hard to find any positives from that game, but I went for Anthony Gordon slightly ahead of Andros Townsend.

I thought that Sterling was lucky to get away without a yellow card for his (trademark) dive in an attempt to steal a penalty.


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We have a lot of injuries, but we are so toothless. Passing, moving and pressing at a high level of intensity is well beyond us. Our team is miles away from being decent. It just seemed inevitable that we would lose today, no threat to City whatsoever. Mass changes won’t happen overnight, but need to happen eventually. Half of the players aren’t good enough, and Rafael doesn’t make me think exciting times will be here soon!

Tipp blue

If I agreed with you, we’d both be wrong.
I voted iwobi, simply because I didn't think anyone deserves to be called MOTM, and I wanted to see the results of the poll, I picked iwobi as I figured nobody else would have.
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