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Sorry to disagree but no matter how you might want to look at it they are 13 points clear with a game in hand so to all intents and purposes the league is won..what Klopp is saying is that he believes his starting line up is good enough to play against Everton That to me is total disrespect
No he's saying he doesn't give a shiny one about the FA Cup and is happy to exit at the earliest opportunity. Same as every year, nothing new.

Saint Domingo

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disrepecting the fa cup, disgraceful behaviour but expected
Klopp does it every year. Can you imagine if it was Mourinho or Wenger plying kids every round and getting knocked out every year. They’d be blasted by the media. Wenger got accused in press conferences of disrespecting the FA cup and he won it more than any other manager. No journalist dares go after Saint Jurgen though. It would be career ending for the journalist once the state sponsored propaganda machine crushed them.

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