List our key players....

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I think Barkley, Lukaku & Coleman. Followed VERY closely by Baines/Pienaar, McCarthy, Mirallas, Stones and Jagz lid.
I'd of said beard weirdy Tim Howard up until Wolfsburg but not after his recent shockers
Tough question though because Howard is a key player. If we had Robles in net we'd be in trouble. Whereas Baines would be a more obvious pick than Howard, but we have Oviedo as back up.
The spine of a team is always the most important, so in our case Howard, Stones, McCarthy, Barkley, Lukaku.

Coleman would have to be in there for me though too.

Howard, Stones, Coleman, Baines, McCarthy, Mirallas, Barkley, Lukaku.
All key. Lose any one of the above and we have problems...

Arguably, you might even add Super Steven Naismith to that list lol
  • Barkley
  • Coleman
  • Mirallas

    Coleman over Baines due to the quality of the back up. Barkley is so unique, and our play revolves around him, so whilst Naismith has a lot to offer, it is not the same without Barkley I'm afraid. Mirallas is a level above of quality on the wing, and without him, our options out wide look thinner.

    Oh look, all 3 are injured at the moment....
Barkley - number 10 creativety that we haven't got at the moment

Is it the belief of everyone that Barkley is a number 10?

I would've thought a classic 10 is one who is the playmaker, a creator, a distributor, playing clever through balls and one-twos. Is that Barkley?

Everyone else is replaceable.
Having said that the only three players (if replaced) I wouldnt mind too much if they went are Kone, Gibson and Atsu

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