List our key players....

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Just thinking before about who our 'key player' is now. Sturridge being out for them last weekend had them claiming that we'd struggle without our key man yet I'm struggling to put them in order of importance now.

Coleman - I thought Hibbo was solid on Saturday but no matter who replaces Seamus, a whole attacking element goes missing from our side without him

Lukaku - would have been number one undoubtably at the sstart of the season....until we bought Samuel

Barkley - number 10 creativety that we haven't got at the moment

Naismith - links play up like no other

Baines - to even think he comes down this far now shows you how hard this is...

Pienaar - makes Baines twice the player going forward for me

Then you've got the likes of Barry, McCarthy, Mirallas and Stones. Who would your top 3 be?


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1. Barkley
2. Mirallas
3. Baines

If I can't have Barkley and Mirallas on account of them being injured:
1. Baines
2. Naismith
3. Stones


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Duncan Ferguson (okay, I'd love to see him don his number 9 jersey again, but i'm talking as a coach here!)
Bryan Oviedo - I think he will make a big difference, especially in the absence of Steven Pienaar and Kevin Mirallas at the moment, stick him on the wing.
Samuel Eto'o.


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Well number one key player from the current squad is Howard, without him in the side forget it because we dont have backup.

As for the outfield i would go with either Coleman and than McCarthy


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Stones and Coleman are the only irreplaceable players in our team.

Naismith does a good job covering for Barkley
Eto'o would be good enough cover for Lukaku
Oviedo/Garbutt are good enough to cover baines

Mirallas is probably the only other player to maybe not be replaceable as our wingers are very inconsistent and we haven't seen enough of Atsu yet.

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