Limassol Away!

Discussion in 'Everton Forum' started by Ryan Worthington, Nov 14, 2017.

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  1. Ryan Worthington

    Ryan Worthington Player Valuation: £225k

    Wheres everyone staying while in Cyprus, Hotel booked for Paphos but of course i would like to be with the rest of the blues?

    Thanks Ryan
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  2. tim gabbott

    tim gabbott Player Valuation: £15m

  3. paultraill

    paultraill Player Valuation: Free Transfer

    We jumped the gun and booked accommodation in Limassol. Didn't realise the game was in Nicosia!
  4. Eggs

    Eggs Player Valuation: £70m Forum Supporter

    ..that might turn out to be a good decision.
  5. chris115544

    chris115544 Player Valuation: £225k

    We're staying one night in Nicosia with a night in Paphos either side.
  6. marsh

    marsh Player Valuation: £40m

    Bit sly the criteria for it tbh
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  7. lancs blue

    lancs blue Player Valuation: £20m

    Are your flights monarch by any chance
  8. paultraill

    paultraill Player Valuation: Free Transfer

    Haha, that would have been ideal but no, easyJet.
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  9. sheedys big toe

    sheedys big toe Player Valuation: £2.5m

    were staying larnaca for the week. but booked the sky hotel in nicossia for thursday night
  10. Dan Tanner

    Dan Tanner Player Valuation: £6m

    They should just give anyone who travels over there a free ticket, then a free shirt, then pay for the ale for the full day off the match, and it should be funded from the pockets of those frauds who laughingly call themselves Everton football players.
    That's the minimum that they could do after the ballbag effort these jokers have put into the Europa League this year. They don't even feel embarrassed that they've literally raped working people and stole their dough whilst doing bugger all and expecting adoration from all and sundry. Do they believe they are the royle family now the utter weapons.
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  11. DualityNSNO

    DualityNSNO How much for the pair?

    Literally, Dan?

    And I doubt they think they're a made-up family from a sitcom as well.
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  12. Dan Tanner

    Dan Tanner Player Valuation: £6m

    Well I feel violated, and in an unpleasant way I should add ;)
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  13. DavidBooth

    DavidBooth Player Valuation: £500k

    Two nights in Paphos, either side of one in Nicosia for the game.

    I wonder how many Evertonians will make the trip.

    Fingers crossed there are some tickets left for general sale on Thursday now, as need three.

    We only took a couple of thousand to Atalanta, when expectation was relatively high. Now that all hope has been dashed, I would be amazed if we sold out. Especially with Christmas three weeks after the game.

    To be honest, the football is inconsequential anyway. This is a four day lads trip what's left of the winter sun.

    Once again, we have rolled over without a squeak in Europe.
  14. ted

    ted Player Valuation: £25k

    me and a mate plus wives booked a week in paphos,hopefully meet up with a few blues who have booked a coach and have 4 spare seats
  15. toffeeblue9

    toffeeblue9 Player Valuation: £10m

    Just doing two nights in Nicosia

    Not much going on in the resorts in December, so didn't see much point in doing anything else

    Get there Weds teatime, go home Friday lunchtime
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