Match Thread LFC 0-2 Everton 20 Feb 21 - Preview, Match Report and MotM Poll

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One of the best things about winning today is reading all these happy post. Those of you that have been following the Blues for so long deserve this win!

Cheers to Everton and its devoted fan base!
I'll gladly deal with 5 days of freezing to end this miserable drought v the RS.

Have not stopped screaming, except to take another drink.


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What a match, the curse is broken! Fantastic performance by Pickford. I wonder if this is(though I doubt it) the one to break his inconsistent form. It seemed the Origi goal was the one that crushed it, but his best match since was probably this once.

The monkey is off the back, the future is whatever Don Carlo and Master Brands make it.


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There was a tackle on the edge of our box with about 5 minutes* left where he* took the ball then the man and it travelled about 50 yards upfield, I need someone to gif it and project it directly into my cerebrum.

* - No idea really of the details, my head was all wonky at this point.


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The last two lines show what Carlo's ambitions are: we've won at Analfield and he's making it clear that now our home form is the priority!

Cork Evertonian

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Our first win against that crowd since 2010, and our first win at that kip since 1999. Im just relieved that this hoodoo, that lot have had over us has been buried this evening. It's that extra bit satisfying putting manners on them, when you take into account the way their fans behaved last summer. The city is blue this evening, mind you it always has been royal blue, and it always will be. :) Eff off back to Norway, and in @BHvisitor case eff off back to Brighton, the city's all ours. :D

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