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Jamo Martinez

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We all hate Leeds and Leeds and Leeds!!. I still do. Dirty Leeds. I'll hate them even more if they become the second unlikeable club to do the double over us in the space of 5 days. (Not as much as I'll hate Everton though).

What can I say about the Newcastle match that hasn't already been said and won't get me banned for excessive use of unsophisticated language.

We move on. Hopefully.

So we go up to Elland Road (another unhappy hunting ground historically) to take on the Bielsa ball barstewards. The fact is, his teams are always fun to watch for the neutral but I wonder is that really enough for a manager who has won nothing to be so celebrated. I suppose if he got the opportunity at a big club he might win something in style though it's more likely he'd quickly be run out of town by big name stars who don't take kindly to being told to run all day and night.
Which is precisely what this Leeds team do. Something which has got us all worried as we're all too aware of the mighty blues weak spot.

Not sure of too many names in their team. Phillips looks promising and Raphiña has been a good signing. Bamford. Someone called Dallas. And that's enough of that lot.

Mother should I build a wall? - Yes, I think you should son. Holgate and Godfrey should come straight back in or we'll bet dry bummed.

Rumours of a Pickford Injury have surfaced. If true, a lot of us may see our wish come true and Olsen will get an extended spell between the sticks starting with this match. I know I'm not alone when I say I'd feel a lot more confident with the Swede. Though I would rather the rumour be untrue and that Jordan is just 'rested'.

As for the rest, we probably expect/hope to see James, Richie and DCL even though the last 2 are well out of form and defo need a rest. Do we try Digne in a wide midfield spot and hope he comes back to form with Davies and Doucoure in the middle? Is Iwobi fully fit again? Who, out of Gomes and Siggy, is due a good game?
Sorry but more questions than answers. Especially in midfield.

Latest news is that Josh King has chosen Everton over Fulham which leaves us 20 minutes to get the paperwork sorted or we're getting relegated.

If he does sign, can he play on Wednesday? FFS! MORE QUESTIONS!!

Get into them blues.


Formerly known as By God I'm Blue

Go solid at the back and try and frustrate them and nick a goal.

Godfrey back in at left back, Digne left MF.
Holgate right back, Iwobi or Richy in front of him.

Dacoure in the middle with probably Gomes for me as he’s not Davies.

DCL up top with Rodriguez playing behind him.
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