2021/22 Jordan Pickford

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The Sorting Hat

Player Valuation: £750k
Great at pens, great at shot stopping & great at 1 on 1's but everything else is weak. I don't buy into the great at kicking myth either. I get frustrated when he tries to find the winger but puts it out of play several times a game which results in the pressure just building on us again. If there is a good replacement available & lined up & also a good fee being offered then i would sell.
Who would you classify as a "good replacement" to England's Number One?


Player Valuation: £30m
He's been in the best form of his career since last February.

I wouldn't be surprised if he did leave. It would be a loss because other 'keepers who I see him compared to are a clear downgrade.

There's a chance we could stumble on the next big thing but I imagine it more likely we'd recruit Jerzy Dudek or Newcastle's 4th choice stopper.

Stephen Gibson

Player Valuation: £15m
Who would you classify as a "good replacement" to England's Number One?
No idea. The problem i have is the things that bother me about Pickford can be solved by having better players in front of him. When our defense can't pass to a midfield without panicking or being easily pressed, Or a defence that can deal with set pieces, Or a midfield that moves to show for easier passes so it doesn't get passed back to Pickford to hoof. To solve that problem we need funds & we only have a few real saleable assets, one of which is Pickford. It's a dumb position to be in but i think any keeper struggles with our current players so something has to give. I actually think Pickford would do well at Spurs & strengthens his England status if he ended up there. I would rather we sorted the players in front of him rather than selling is my stance though. If it can be done without selling Pickford then I'm happy he is our keeper.


Player Valuation: £90m
Well the last year would be the first half of this season and the second half of last year. He was good the second half of last year. He's been below average the first half of this year. So we're back at average.

Unfortunately the last three seasons all of his spells of good form have been temporary and brought back down by poorer runs. So average.

Do you think you could find the time before the end of the season to stick the telly on and actually watch an Everton match?


Player Valuation: £1m
Makes a good save and then you know a brainfart is on the way shortly after.

Absolutely no need for him to be off his line like that for the goal.
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