2020/21 Jordan Pickford


Player Valuation: £6m
I was an amateur keeper who made his fair share of errors...comes with the territory. However, there are two types of error: inexplicable ones that keep you awake at night because you can't work out how they happened...and explicable ones where you know full well what you shouldn't/should have done. The backpass goal is in the latter category. If you take a touch that you don't need to take and get caught, that's avoidable and on you. Hammer it away somehow and then lambast Keane for selling you down the swanny, but don't take even the slightest risk on the floor when you are the last man.

These types of error are the worst. They can be avoided if you do the basics right. They are a matter of attitude, not technique.
Have you still.got yr goalies kit. Give Carlo a ring;);)


Player Valuation: £70m
You look at the good teams, they have full trust in their teammates. Even with a quality 10 outfield players, how can any of them be confident with goalkeeper pront to many mistakes?


Player Valuation: £6m
His confidence will be in pieces now

Hopefully Ancelotti has a magic wand of some kind and can turn one of Virginia or Lossl into a first team quality keeper somehow
That's the thing he won't even be worried. There was an interview with him last year after he had made a bad mistake. He said he didn't think about mistakes because he knows he is a good goalkeeper. He's an idiot and he thinks like an idiot. In his mind he thinks he is brilliant

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