2021/22 Jonjoe Kenny


Player Valuation: £70m
He's been mismanaged by the club. We all had big hopes for him but it was clear in 2017-18 he wasn't going to cut it.

Ultimately I fear the same with Gordon.

We don't, as a club, or haven't been doing, producing any players with any physicality about them. And the ones we do, either leave or manage to get injured.

Kenny just isn't big or powerful enough and today he got torn apart. Absolutely torn to shreds.

Seems like a lovely lad but Everton have stalled his career because we knew three years ago he wasn't up to it.


Player Valuation: £10m
How many more times to we have to pretend another academy product is good enough just because they are a "local lad". He ll be about 48 by the time he leaves with 8 appearances.
He has already has 50 appearances for the club, which is mad that there was still some shouts that he should be playing games and given a chance.
He's had multiple chances and proven he's not good enough.

His style of defending seems to be let as many crosses in as possible.
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