Confirmed Signing James Tarkowski

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He actually reminds me of Jagielka in terms of style of play. I don’t think he’s going to be as slow as some people think either, he seems to make a fair few recovery blocks and tackles. Would like us to keep the wages below £100k a week though to be honest.
He's a brilliant tackler. I think he's going to bring some decent, unglamorous solidity to the backline. That's pretty invaluable, really.
Its all on repeat though each year we enter the summer Market with the same questions aims and outcomes. This signing doesn't appear to be anything different .
We had a chance to build and wasted it. Up until last summer we were able to spend relatively freely.

We had three? Seasons of ridiculous spending where we could have built better, and are now paying the price for poor investment.

It will unwind by next summer and we will be in a better position. The year after the new stadium comes on line and it’s better again.
Many seem to be missing the point a bit. Of course we have to consider the age of the player but, as many have pointed out, 33 isn’t too ancient in CB years.

The main worry is if he’s crap. Had we stood firm on something like 2 years with an option, then we have a maximum of two years’ exposure as whatever salary we’re giving him. Because we’re Everton, and even though we’ve seemingly signed him completely unopposed (Villa signed Carlos and Fulham is too far away for him) we’ve just dived straight in with a four year deal.

If he is indeed crap - and I’ve said many times already I can’t shake the feeling he will be - that means nobody else will touch him at the wages he’s on and so, YET AGAIN, we’ll be left with another player on a long-term contract, gobbling up wages for doing absolutely nothing.

We should have offered him a max of two years guaranteed. If he refused - and I know this is novel to Everton’s team of crack negotiators - we should have said “no thanks”, given him a couple of days to realise it’s the best offer on the table and come crawling back, and if he didn’t then just move onto another target.

Some players are worth going beyond your intended terms to sign. This lad isn’t one of them.

Hope I’m wrong, bet I’m right.
We could have stood firm on a two year contract but would probably have missed out on the player.

Signing an experienced Premiership defender in his prime in a position we badly needed strengthening and for free is not bad business.
I do love a centre back that will just get any limb or random part of their anatomy in the way of a cross or shot, don’t care how uncultured it is for the regista nonces.
Yes, he's a snide, loves a tackle and likes to leave his foot in on players sometimes (as we know) i think the goodison faithful will warm to him very quickly.
He isn't bad at dealing with crosses either.

I think it's a decent signing. Would imagine Frank looking for a leader to take over Captaincy from Coleman too, don't think Holgate or Godfrey have the maturity on or off the pitch for it and Keane probably cry if anyone answered him back. Be interesting to see who he plays alongside him, I suspect pre season he will be trying them all out. I think Keane played for 6 months with him back in his Burnley days and was successful as Everton bought him on the strength of that.
My only concern is that what was deemed as ‘great tackling’ for Burnley will suddenly become yellow cards for us knowing how corrupt the refs are in the PL.
Probably our best captain already tbf.

Mina, Tarkowski, Godfrey, Keane, Holgate, Branthwaite. Not a great set of options when you consider Mina would only be available for about 10-15 games next season if he stays. I suggest he, along with one of Keane/Holgate, is sold, and we bring in another CB around the 26/27-year-old age.

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