2021/22 James Rodriguez

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I was Sapie88
People will genuinely tell you with a straight face that we’re still a bigger club than Chelsea because we’ve won about 2 more league titles than them.
Amazing isn’t it, I mean Chelsea have won notable European cups and not some pisspot trophy deemed so crap they got rid of it so we can jot that down for starters.

It’s once again the older generation of Everton fans holding us back.


Player Valuation: £500k
I think JR wanted a free roll to play where he wanted and only defend if he felt like and CA gave him that also he got time off when he felt like a break. Now RB is not in that liberal managerial mould and would have told him that football is a team game, tactics decided by the manager and demanded from JR discipline and energy going forward and to close down the opposition quickly. JR response to that may have been Do you know who I am ?
RB said that JR complained of a muscle problem to him and they jointly agreed he shouldn’t even be on the bench against villa which probably suited both egos.
So sad really I for one would have loved to see him play at goodison in front of a full house.

He must be made up to get on the field with his new teammates.

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