2020/21 James Rodriguez

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He’s bruised his bits hasn’t he?
That’s why they won’t say where the hematoma is.

Yep, I'd say he took a knock to his Colombian sausage and potatoes but he's a good soul our James with balls of steel.

He'll gently get us to a 4-0 half time lead Sunday then can put his feet and sausage and potatoes to rest for the 2nd half.

Anyways looks like we get to see more of our sexy salsa superstar on Sunday then.

Oh they HATE him don’t they. Absolutely detest him for being amazing at football. It’s so beautiful. He’s the new Cahill, has them frothing at the mouth by just existing.

Still can't get over the fact that the owner of Liverpoolway said he can be compared to Shaqiri. In fact he said that twice as this was his report from the derby:

Sick of the fawning over him already. He’s being hyped up like he’s some superstar but he’s been a bit part player at every big club he’s been at. If he was that good he wouldn’t have ended up at Everton in his prime years. He’s basically Shaqiri at Stoke, only with more Instagram followers.

Bitter that we have a better player than any of theirs. Heads have come off and rolled away down the street.
I included the following Madonna songs for us Sassy

Papa Don't preach (as we call Ancelotti Papa Carlo)
Like a Virgil - her all time classic
Borderline - in honour of our borderline offside decision last week
Material Girl - for Firminho
Crazy for you - due to Klopp being slightly unhinged
True Blue - for all us Evertonians

Like a prayer - 347 times in honour of James

It was quite the medley and the only reason I stopped was because the police were called to my address 3 times through the night
Wow, that seems like an awesome repertoire. Lucky neighbors, I wish I could have seen you. I hope the police knew better than bother you for such a devotion to the cause. Hopefully at least some of them were Evertonians.

Ban this absolute tosser from future conferences, Obvious what he's trying to do here.
See what happens when you let little disrespectful rats carry on asking questions like this? This is why the media should have been banned. They’ve tried to drag us through the mud over the last 7 days and caused Pickford and his family death threats, we roll out the red carpet and this little disrespectful flump starts questioning Ancelotti like he’s in an interrogation room.

Complete and utter disrespect, no way does he question any other manager like that . “I find that hard to believe” “point scoring” cheeky rat.

We are a mugs club us.
He needs to be banned From future press conferences the nobhead. Van Dijk was name checked cos he decked James in the first minute trying to lay down a marker then went through the back of Calvert Lewin.

What is wrong with that club and its supporters. It’s like it’s the first injury ever incurred on a footie pitch.
Little fkn maggot shouldn't be left next nor near our pressers again.

Don Carlo has enough to be getting on with as our manager than listening to inane questions from that maggot.
Everton should tell that idiot Joyce he’s no longer welcome at press conferences.

he’s basically called Carlo out there for being a liar. This is some hack who makes a living writing about football not someone who’s won multiple titles and champions league the wet vanilla idiot.

Whilst there's no doubt Paul Joyce was disrespectful to Carlo, you have to factor in that he is a RS like a lot of the sports reporters who get to cover Everton seem to be. I'm loving seeing their over reaction to this whole affair, and I think he way Carlo responded to the questioning was absolutely brilliant. Only one winner there today and glad he didn't sink to Joyce's levels.

However there is a bigger picture here and there is no doubt that what is happening now is indeed a media agenda against Everton, and I can easily see fallout from this on the pitch when decisions start going against us again and Liverpool get them going back in their favour.

There have been a lot of absolutely brutal media outbursts against Everton and Everton players amongst all this, and once the dust does finally settle I'd like to see us make a list of certain individuals who, quite simply, would not be welcome inside Goodison Park again. People like Souness and Aldridge would certainly be on that list and I personally wouldn't be against the likes of Joyce joining it too.

I think for the moment staying dignified is the right way to go. But eventually we need to let it be known that we won't tolerate this level of bias against us.
So James could play after all at the weekend?
Nice one Carlo, your thinly veiled comments about the mistimed tackle and Van Dijk had the vermin well and truly biting.

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