2022/23 James Garner

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No surprise that he cant get in the current midfield.

I thought Iwobi was pretty bad today, but he still managed an assist, Gana is Gana and Onana needs every minute to get settled.

I think TomTom came on today cos he was fresher, could have done without him going away with England, but games are games.

….Davies came on because Lampard said he was unlucky to lose his place. I imagine the Manager is keeping players spirits up, but the best will come through.
….Lampard gave him a mention in his post-match interview, saying he’s training very well and he wants to get him involved.

Expect to see him on the pitch soon.
Said the same re Patterson right before his injury last year and was as good as his word as soon as he was back fit. Seems like he likes to take his time with the younger ones to begin with, but as long as they perform he’ll give them a chance.

Tbf I didn't call him an attacking midfielder. However, he is a different type of midfielder to those chosen ahead of him. Midfielders who who run around a lot, tackle and work their bollocks off. Traits you look for when holding onto a point or three.

Tbf you stated "Have what we hold" as a reason why Garner wouldn't play. Since you are now stating he isn't an attacking mid, why would you not bring a def mid with bags of energy and be able to foot on the ball, if we are holding onto what we have?

We'll see James Garner. I think he had some injuries before he joined and didn't have a proper preseason.
And at the moment, it's hard to get into our midfield. Davies was great in his previous start, so I think FL just brought him in to keep his spirits up (most managers do that).

If James Garner's set piece delivery is as good as we heard, he will be important later when fixtures are getting congested.
Gray's freekick has been spot on so far, but his corner delivery isn't very good.

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