Is Frank Fabra an Everton Player?

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Official GOT Joey Speak Interpreter.
Various sources are suggesting that he has signed for us. But can find no official confirmation.
My head is having trouble dealing with all this :

Board room reshuffle.
Allardyce gone.
Walsh gone.
Elstone gone.

Brands in.
New manager imminent.

And we`re supposed to be signing new players on the first day of the transfer window.

I`m going for a lie down.


Player Valuation: £70m
I think the official squad details for his inclusion the the WC squad had him as playing for Everton.
...perhaps it’s Everton, Chile.

He’s 5ft 7in and 27years Old. I remember looking him up when we were previously linked and thinking he was tiny and podgy. We could do with being more athletic than we are.

Not open for further replies.