Henry Onyekuru

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Even if he's a regular starter this season it doesn't automatically qualify him though. I reckon you are right, but it's not guaranteed.
The international appearances thing can be bypassed with special talent permits.

He gets 10 next season and someone prepare a decent little slideshow for the FA panel.


Inside your head
Earlier on Thursday we covered a report from Turkish newspaper Takvim which explained why Henry Onyekuru’s loan move to Galatasaray hadn’t been completed.

The Turkish club had revealed talks with Everton to finalise a deal for the former Eupen attacker, who spent last season on loan back in Belgium with Anderlecht.

Takvim said Galatasaray had been trying to get a clause in the loan so they could buy Onyekuru at the end of the deal if they so desired, but Everton were set against this.

Onyekuru is a very talented youngster and selling him would make little sense at this stage.

Now Gala have released the details of the deal to the Turkish stock-market (KAP) as they are obliged to do. It reveals there’s no buying clause attached, and that Everton will be paid €800k for the one season loan, with the player receiving €1.2m.

Turkey’s Futbol Arena have got the story and Onyekuru has been pictured in a Gala shirt for the first time.
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