Half Time "entertainment" at Goodison.

roy vernon

Player Valuation: £6m
Pretty dire these days, oh for those long gone times of yore when the fella used to get chased the length and breadth of the pitch before finally getting attacked by the Police Alsatian,fantasticlollollolBring it back I say, along with Mrs Butlers eldest on the old tannoylol(Apologies it's Saturday night and Dario can't take his sherbets as well these days lol )
I remember the first time they had that display, nobody knew what was going on at first. This lad ran on the pitch followed by 2 dog handlers and an Alsatian dog which caught the lad by the arm and pulled him to the ground. It was only then that we got the tannoy announcement ‘ this has been a display by the police dog handling team’
Everton that, we all thought we had seen some big criminal being caught.

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