GrandOldTeam nominated for Best Forum

Big Fat Sam

Player Valuation: £70m
Done. But there wasn't a field for my shipping address to receive my free GOT mug. Is that handed separately? Who should I PM to arrange that?


Player Valuation: £60m

We're thrilled to have been nominated in the Football Blogging Awards for 'Best Forum'.

It's up for a vote whether we win our category, any votes would of course be much appreciated, thank you.

Voting Methods
The finalists voting round will end at 23:59 on Sunday 21st April 2019.

The Blue Room are also up in Best Podcast and ToffeeTV in Content Creator - vote Everton...
Oh welcome to last week when I voted fir GOT. Glad you caught up.

No real competition is there? Any other forum won't have as many Everton fans in it, so by definition will be a bit meh.



Good to be back. Ye blerts
If 'we' don't finish in at least the Europa positions I for one demand a change at the top.....

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