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Gazza at Everton

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Tipp blue

Player Valuation: £25m
I don't remember the 1990 world cup but its odd seeing him as a powerful runner in those games, he always looked really frail at Everton
The 90 world cup, what a time to be Irish, getting to the quarter final serious party atmosphere there's never been anything like it since. Looking back we arguably underachieved we had an awesome side but Jack Charlton didn't have us playing to our strengths.

Cameron Manning

Player Valuation: £15m
I'm not going to attempt to refute whatever is in there however it was written by a ghostwriter and I would certainly take whatever is in there with a pinch of salt. Artistic licence and all that.
I'm not commenting or defending any of the alleged behaviours, just something I think it is generally helpful to have in mind when reading from that genre.

In saying that, despite your opinion of him if you needed him he'd be there for you and any one of us with a fishing rod and fried chicken.

He's the hero we deserve but not the one we need right now.
if he’s the hero we deserve you can have him for me to be honest,each to his own.


Player Valuation: £2.75 and a Fredo
I don't remember the 1990 world cup but its odd seeing him as a powerful runner in those games, he always looked really frail at Everton
He was fast, strong and technically gifted on the ball before the ale ruined him. I can't remember the game, but in the early 90s he had a brilliant game against us.

If he wasn't weaving between our players, he was riding our tackles and making a bit of a mockery of us. A great player but the ale ruined his body, mind and soul.


Player Valuation: £35m
my bad wrong thread

think I woke up dyslexic and seen this as Gravesen ffs


Player Valuation: £500k
Sad to say he was a literally wasted talent. The day we clinched the league in 87 ,we beat Newcastle 3-0 and he totally bossed the midfield in a soon to be relegated team. No offense to the Spurs fans , but at the time,if he would have come to us ,things could have been different for him and us. Possibly?
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