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Player Valuation: £70m
Let's be honest with Kean on loan, Tosun not fit and Richy suspended we are very light.

Even with everyone fit we are still light Richy plays best off the left without him and having let Walcott and Kean go we have nobody else who runs in behind.

What do you do until January apart from pray DCL doesn't get a knock and can play most minutes? Personally I'd put Simms on the bench. Who do you bring in this January ? Was it a mistake to leave ourselves so light?


Player Valuation: £15m
Was a massive mistake. Simms still can't make the bench which tells you Carlo thinks he is not ready. Big ask of Dom to tell him to go all season as our only hope
I agree with pretty much all that and hope Simms can step up but DCL has practically been our only hope for 3 seasons now which is shocking.


Player Valuation: £35m
I don’t think Carlo realised how bad Iwobi was, surely there’s no way he’d have had him as his first attacking option otherwise
I think because he's not been at the club long he felt he had to give him a chance. He should definitely be a makeweight in a January deal for a new forward, Iwobi and £20 million for Zaha maybe?


Player Valuation: £40m
Sparse are our forward options, well that's a lie, CF is sparse the rest are there maybe except a RWF then a few who all play left, quality may be the issue and letting Kean go without replacing was a mistake no doubt about that.

Saint Domingo

Player Valuation: £70m
I do think we should have kept Walcott as an option right across the front three. Kean I could understand, he didn’t seem to want to put the effort in, but Walcott seemed to be professional enough and has gone into Southamptons first team now.
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