Favourite Derby game

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Probably the Kanchelskis one for me.

Also the 3-0 one was memorable and not just for the result - Went for my usual 'Derby drive' while it was on, radio off, phone off, lucky socks on, CD with songs that 'sounded lucky' in the CD player... Me mate (Also a blue) joined me that year, we were driving down the East Lancs with roughly about 5 minutes to go, when the car started making a funny noise, carried on further, worse noise... Had to pull over in the end, tried to start the car again and smoke started coming from the engine, ignored the (Potential) imminent danger and turned the radio on hoping for an Everton win to make me feel a bit better, or even a draw, just please not a loss to add insult to injury... Discovered it was 3-0 to us... Cue me and me mate standing at the side of the road jumping and hugging as car lies next to us fooked with smoke coming out the engine, musta defo looked like an insurance job to other passing motorists...

Good times!
The 3-0 by a mile. Quite possibly the only derby where those bastards didn't get the rub of the green. We also kicked them across the pitch that day, something we've failed to do so many times.

Some more of that on Saturday lads, please!
Im lucky enough and old enough to have seen us win 3 times at anfield and I enjoyed them all massively. But for me beating them at goodison is even sweeter.im gonna plump for a 1 0 win in 88.the shyte running away with the league and looking like they would go through the season unbeaten. Wayne Clarke scored an early goal and we clung on for the win. I celebrated that day in style
My 2 favourites are slightly different to most people's choices.
The first is the 4-4 draw in the cup (which we won on 2nd replay) A game that had pretty much everything!
The second is what I call the Beardsley derby - we beat them 2-1 with Beardo netting the winner.
The fact it was against his old club made it all the more special, and there was none of that "no celebrating" nonsense going on, he was windmilling like a good 'un once he notched!
Honourable mentions go to more obvious ones like the 3-0 AJ, the 2-1 Kanchelskis, the 1-0 Sharp, the 1-0 Watson, the 1-0 King, the 1-0 Clarke and any that involved Ferguson scoring in!

Some help Guys. back in September 1964 Everton beat them at Anfield 4-0. I was there in the Anfield Road end (the last I time I set foot in there as I promised myself never go there again). Anyway who were the goal scorers, I think Pickering and Morrisey were in the mix but not sure. Now are there any other old timers like who me who recall the game?
HI TOFF, I was there myself in the Anfield road end ,Im sure Harvey and temple were the other scorers, best day ever
HI TOFF, I was there myself in the Anfield road end ,Im sure Harvey and temple were the other scorers, best day ever

Wow, that is unreal, Wiggie. I was right down near the front to the left of the goal. What a day that was. I have tried and tried to find out on the net who the scorers were and not surprisingly no vid of it either.

Right on about best day. Surprising no other replies. Are we the only ones on this forum who went to that Derby, looks like it.
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