Favourite Derby game

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What's been your favourite Derby against the RS? My personal favourite was Royle's first game and Ferguson scoring his first goal for us. I was harsh on that kid at the time. Thought he was quality away against Portsmouth in the league cup a few weeks before ( we got knocked out away ) but apart from that I was giving him stick, even during half time I was telling the fella next to me he should [Poor language removed] back to Rangers. I was in the lower Bullens, not too far from that shower of scruffs. Great feeling, great game. So what's your favourite Derby win?
I loved the 3-0, for obvious reasons. The Gosling 1-0, and the Carsley 1-0, were also pretty sweet.

At Anfield, the Cahill, and Jagielka 1-1's, where truly boss i loved them all.

But i'll definitely get bottled out of here for this, but the 2-3, McAllister derby was definitely my favourite, absolutely heartbreaking, and still is, but the game had everything, our hero scoring his first Derby goal since his return, penalties, red cards, and a real end-to-end battle. What a game, we'd still talk about it if we'd won. Paul Gerrard. christ.

Actually, i forgot about the 3-3 last season, that was pretty boss too.
Best - The 2-0 at Goodison a few years back when Woy was in charge of the sh!te. Had a mate from Australia over and sorted him a ticket, then we met Tim Cahill after the match in the players' car park. Which was nice.

Worst - The 3-2 loss at Goodison where Gerrard allowed McAllister to score from almost the halfway line. Was my last game before I emigrated (the first time) and the atmosphere was horrible. Stupid decision to kick off in the evening on a bank holiday in the first place.

Should also add my favourite Anfield derby - 'Sharp...got behind Lawrenson...'

I was 10 and it was my first ever game. My RS Aunty and Uncle took me as our Steven had just joined the army and couldn't use his season ticket. Can remember every last bit of the day. Getting to the ground early, being too scared to speak when my Aunty got Peter Reid (with his blue rinse) to sign my programme, and then told him to eff off when he asked her if she wanted one as well. My Uncle's choice language after Sharp scored what is still the best derby goal I've ever seen.

They never took me again after that.
Imre Varadi in the cup, we went ahead and got battered for the rest of the game, grown men on their knees in the paddock praying for full time.

Similarly the 1-0 cup replay after the 4-4, we go ahead, got battered and held out, surrounded by knobend r/s in the paddock and had so much fun wjnding them up all game, shouts of 'class that Everton' after yet another 50 yard passback to Southall.

Ps the 4-4 game was fun too :)
Personal favourites are AK at anfield, we were superb that day. Campbell 1-0 at anfield, that was a crazy game and also the Ferguson 1-0 at GP and the AJ 3-0 at Goodison.

Worst has got to be the semi final at Wembley. Never felt so bad after a football match.

Best derby was Sharpy's ....fantastic day and a goal worthy of winning any game . The worst all the b@stards we lost..not this week though..C.O.Y.B.
That was a quality day that one. Do you remember the 2-0 win when Grobellaar tried to throttle McManaman, Mark Ward and Cottee with the goals for a 2-0 win. That was immense. Both those derbies the weather was class and the street end was in full voice.

That's my favourite one. I was sat by my then girlfriends brother and we hated each other at the best of times and him being a gobby RS didn't help. I was hungover from a heavy night before and needed a few liviners but by the time it kicked off I was in full flow again. After we scored the second I turned to him and said I hope we don't get a third I'm starting to feel bad again with all this jumping up and down, which he took exception to.

Later on we went back to my then girlfriends and he gets pissed and pissed off with me for still enjoying the win and kicks off. It was inevitable really and I should never have gave him the ticket, I only did it cause my then girlfriend had a nice rack.

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