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Player Valuation: £100m
No more money has been made available. They have converted an existing loan into shares. All it does is increase his shareholding as a % of the total equity on the balance sheet.

Ensuring he gets a bigger slice of the pie when he sells the club in 3 years too. By the time he comes to sell up he’ll own close to 100% of the club. No idea why people are trying to convince themselves this means we’ve got an extra transfer warchest.


Player Valuation: £70m
Doesn't it move a liability to an asset, it must affect financial fair play. I don't understand how but must somehow?
It doesnt unfortunately. The sole purpose of him doing this is to increase his shares as an overall % of the shares (without putting another penny in) so he has total control over calling AGM's etc. He has made changes to the articles of association.

It doesnt affect the P & L.


Player Valuation: £70m
Appreciate the communication and continued financial commitment but basically the letter was, sorry about Rafael, but Bill and Denise and everyone else on the board is great so don't worry... Which on the evidence of the last 6 years is complete bolox.

I guess we'll have to wait and see, with Brands out and the word being we are in the market for a new technical director / DoF maybe we will see positive change in how the club is ran. Just not over confident that will be the case.

Still though, I would rather Kenwright be calling the shots football wise, which seems mad to say, but he's been in the game for 20 years now and if it keeps Moshiri from making Iwobi-like signings then it's at least better for our collective mental health.

Mosh Pit

Player Valuation: £8m
I like many others have been really changing my opinion of Moshiri lately and understanding he is a massive part of the problem.

I must say I'm very pleased to see a public statement today addressing all of our concerns.

They may not necessarily be the answers that we're looking for but it does show that the club are paying attention to fan channels.

It should have been done much sooner, though!

I know that a pro-moshiri & anti-moshiri is developing and once it does, it's hard to win people back over.

I'll just say this,

IF they get this managerial & DOF decision right & I can see that the new manager is backed (thanks to Moshiri buying more shares)...

I'm prepared to forgive & move forward, providing we're seeing improvements on and off the pitch.

I hope that other Evertonians who are very angry at the moment (rightly so) can do the same, though are well within their rights to chase him out if he makes a meal of it once more, too.

roy vernon

Player Valuation: £35m
What's the actual benefit of him converting the loans to equity?
It slowly moves him towards the 95% of shares he needs to put him in a position where the other 5% of shareholders have basically no say in the running of the club, he can more or less do what he wants. Once he pases 95% it is impossible to call an EGM or in anyway hold him accountable for his running of the club. Simply put, let's say there are 100 shares in the club, Moshiri holds 94 of them and other shareholders combined hold 6, these other shareholders do not wish to sell their shares. The club convert a debt to Moshiri into equity by issuing another share and give it to Moshiri in return for him cancelling the debt. This means that although the other shareholders still have their 6 shares, the shares now amount to 5% of the club rather than the 6% they previously amounted to.

I'm fairly sure that's how it works, but, I am open to correction by one of the financial experts on here. It pretty much amounts to increasing his percentage shareholding by stealth.

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