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Player Valuation: £8m
they’ve played a master stroke in getting the punishment down to something they can tolerate and still break away with.

20 million pound fine will be easily covered by the prize of joint the super league.

30 point reduction is just low enough that all of those teams (maybe except Spurs) would be confident of still being in the prem even if they incurred it. They wouldn’t have to worry about CL either. Meanwhile Madrid Barca and Juve have just proven that Uefa can’t touch them in the court room.

They’ve basically removed every impediment now to leaving. They’ll be gone in the near term future no question now. The prem indulged them so much that it couldn’t even bring itself to punish them properly, they get what they deserve.
Except for the fans' reaction. And they collectively kacked themselves when the saw it last time...


Player Valuation: £35m
It won't be the European Super League that will be the death of football, it will be allowing the teams in it to stay in their National Leagues whilst having £350 million extra every season. Once that happens you might as well have a 6 team league in England.

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