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Player Valuation: £500k


Player Valuation: £100m
Well done Mosh,well done DBB,well done Bill well done Everton. Have to say also that Neville and Carragher were excellent last night. The minute football ignores its history, it is dead. Even if the 'Super(?) League dies tomorrow, the stigma will stick for years on the 12 clubs. Now lets beat Arsenal.

....I asked the question yesterday:

Would Everton have accepted an invitation to join the ESL? The vast majority of posters said we would. I’d like to think we wouldn’t but I suppose we’ll never know.

Its a fine statement the club have put out but I wonder if many on here think it’s hypocritical given their comments yesterday. I wonder if fans from other clubs might raise comments along the same lines.

Not open for further replies.
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