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Gana MOTM for me. Iwobi, Tarkowski and Gray all did very well too but Gana was constantly winning possession for us as he tends to do. Brilliant.

Maupey's finish was excellent, glad to see him get his first. Patterson and Onana were mixed bags though, not their best games so far. Overall though can't complain!

I think Onana got a knock very early on and just stayed on .Don't agree on Patterson I thought he played well.


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Its embarrassing to say - but the league table looks good?

I think if we can be this defensively solid, we're good for mid table. We lost so many games last season from stupid mistakes, I'm glad it looks like that's behind us now.

Gana adds so much to us defensively and bringing us up the pitch. There were some games last season we'd give it straight back to the opposition after playing from the back.

I don't think it was Onana's best game, his touch was off, but love him as a person. Iwobi is winning me over with his CM role.

I gave Maupay MOM, it ended up being the difference between the two sides, and we'd have another draw if it wasn't for him.
Still a long way from the finished article and West Ham were pretty poor overall.....but

There's solid organisation, a cohesive style of play and a controlled aggression that bodes very well going forwards. It's going to be a season of fine margins and there'll be a poor run or two when we're on the wrong side of those margins but there looks to be some very well laid foundations in place.


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… so, so important. Those Goodison goalposts have done us a few favours of late, we rode our luck in that moment but defended with application and organisation.

Back four excellent, Gueye execellent, terrific finish to add to the industry, Onana growing into a crowd favourite but Gray was quality throughout and gets my MoM vote.


(Private note for my old mate Jimmy Morrison who passed away this week. A stalwart of local football & a big Evertonian. Thinking of you Moggsy xx).
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