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Yes that was Gray's best game under Lampard imo unless I've missed an obvious performance from last season. He was on it throughout whereas Gordon was on the perhipery.

Gana was good....however it shows the margins sometimes as he lost the ball when they hit the post. That goes in and you'd have endless posts of "too old" etc. Just needs to get up to pace again after four years in France but he showed all of his experience.
Problem is last 20 mins everyone was knackered and weren’t showing for the ball so gana had no one to pass to and it causes moments like that when you get dispossessed


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great win. Gana is much more efficient than I remember. Patterson was very good. Happy with where we are heading at the moment.
Agreed. Gana has been another notch above to what he has been, decisive in all his passes either to the back or forward, and calm in possession


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Gana MOTM for me. Iwobi, Tarkowski and Gray all did very well too but Gana was constantly winning possession for us as he tends to do. Brilliant.

Maupey's finish was excellent, glad to see him get his first. Patterson and Onana were mixed bags though, not their best games so far. Overall though can't complain!


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GET INNNNN! Not pretty but we'll take that. Gritty performance. Well deserved lads. Let's push on from here. I love Gana by the way. Bringing back memories of better days. UTFT

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