Match Thread Everton v Watford - Preview, Match Report and MotM Poll

Everton Man of the Match

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They’ve brought it on themselves though. Could have had 4 points from two games but the hapless cretins can’t deal with any expectation whatsoever. I’d seriously ship all of them out.

Said it to my arl fella before

King has had Keane off all day long absolute coward that bloke is for his size

Davies is utterly useless and started that downfall

Digne has no competition for his place

Gbamin? Delph? Gomes?

Iwobi is tosh

Gordon is the second coming who cant score or assist

Coleman is past it

Godfrey all over the place although tbf COVID looks to have taken its toll

Squads a mess with a rotten mentality and I cant wait for the manager to be given the dough to ship half of em out over the coming seasons

Not open for further replies.