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blue to the bone

Player Valuation: £70m
Our last Saturday 3pm game until January. The traditionalists aren't happy. A lot of the optimism after the United performance evaporated after Sundays loss to West ham. A toothless performance and now news of an injury to Doucoure and no sign on Dcl makes it hard to get too excited.

Struggling Watford under new manager the Tinker man Claudio Ranieri come to Goodison on the back of a 5 nil loss to the Rs. Should be a straight forward win then.. right. We have taken their best 2 players In recent years and also a pretty mediocre manager.

Hopefully we see a return for Richarlison who will provide us with some more attacking quality. Gray again showed us he will be a threat . Midfield without Doucoure however will lack legs and attacking drive .
But we still should have enough . It probably won't be pretty but while we are missing key players it's about grinding results.
So come on ye blue boys . Into these snake waving tin pot beauts .

Would normally expect a comfortable win but given the display last time out and further injury woes who knows. Would not be surprised by any of the three results available
Referee: Graham Scott.
Assistants: Marc Perry, Timothy Wood.
Fourth official:
Jonathan Moss.
Martin Atkinson.
Assistant VAR:
Lee Betts.

Watford will sit deep with a low block, we will watch Rondon and Iwobi lose the ball for 90 mins. No cutting edge but it depends what sort of team we have by the time we get to the match, still plenty of time for more injuries.

0-0, cant see us scoring especially with Rondon and Iwobi in the side with either Davies, Gomes or Gbamin. Honeymoon period over for Benitez, Townsend and Gray.

FWIW I don`t think Iwobi and Rondon should be anywhere near this club, even if it means playing Gordon and Simms!

Hoping for a win but totally deflated by Sunday and further bad news this week, but as ever we will wait and see.


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