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From what I could make out he does touch it, but Richarlison touched it on first and was tripped by Lloris.

The current rule states that it doesn't matter if you get anything on the ball if you go through the player first which Lloris did.

Shocking overturn from the ref.
I agree with this.

Another point between us and the relegation zone. Sorry but when you’ve got players like Keane Holgate Davies Coleman in your line up that’s how you have to think at times, get safe first, get to the end t transfer window and get rid of these utter clowns.
Spot on. Been saying it all season: 45 points is the realistic first task this season, then try and pile up some points from there to get top half.

This squad is a dire dogs breakfast spewed up by Brands, Koeman, Silva and Ancelotti.

We need a new type of player.
John moss is stealing a living as a ref. The guy is useless.
As soon as i heard he was the VAR ref was John Moss I knew every VAR decision would go against us- Thick had a chance to score when fouled on the pen .....
As for the sending of the spurs player turned his back on the Holgate challenge - Holgate got the ball he stood n the way imo......
He soon came back on super fit .....
Two awful VAR decisions endorsed by a poor refferee
Deserved at least a point, solid defensively but a bit light up top. I dare say the pen doesn’t get overturned if it’s at Anfield, Old Trafford or, hell, at Tottenham, they should have looked at the Romero incident as well. Holgate was utterly brain dead not dropping his foot down after the clearance as well, no complaints with that

On the plus side we didnt get beat, but it is only 1 point and keeps us in the bottom half. Next games are:-

Man City a
Brentford a
Liverpool h
Arsenal h
Palace a
Chelsea a
Leicester h

Don`t think we are getting much from them TBH unless we can get everyone back then we got Burnley a and Newcastle h before the window even opens.

Even if we can pick up 2 or 3 wins we will get to January with 6/7 wins in 20 games and approx 24 points, that is near on relegation form. Need some real money spent in January, oh wait......
12 points, easy.
But Richarlison DIDN'T leave his foot in, he shoulder barged Romero and Romero tried to make out that he'd kicked him. Have another look.
He steps on him when he is down on the floor.

I don't think it's a booking or even a foul. It's just something that happens, body parts have to go somewhere. What's Holgate supposed to do, retract his legs after he kicks the ball?
If nothing that puts all the Holgate in CM shouts to bed, absolutely embarrassing thinking he can play in there when he gets caught on the ball at CB.....

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