Match Thread Everton v Liverpool, Wednesday 1st December 20:15

Everton MOTM vs Liverpool

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Keep smiling lads


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This will be 3/4/5-0 to them.... Not even engaging with any reds, its gonna be embarrassing.

Just the thought of Keane chasing around Mane, Jota or Salah makes me want to hurl..... With Rondon up against VVD
We all know how this game goes of course. We have little possession, very little good football, we just sit back and defend.

About 20 minutes in, we get a massive warning sign that the tactics aren’t working when they hit the post or have a goal ruled out.
We don’t respond at all, concede one within 5 minutes and end up losing 0-3.
I honestly think if we go 20 mins without conceding we’ve had a good start.

If it gets to 5-0 early doors, Everton should just quit and walk out of the stadium. Sure there will be a points deduction but I'd rather that than see a Merseyside derby as the first-ever 'double figures' in the PL.

I honestly don’t think I can watch tomorrow if he picks Iwobi again, it’ll be frustrating enough let alone having to watch him crab his way around the pitch huffing and puffing.

Typing this has made me angry enough feck you Iwobi ??

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