Match Thread Everton v Liverpool, Wednesday 1st December 20:15

Everton MOTM vs Liverpool

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So, how many of the board are we expecting to see at the game tomorrow? Or will there be a suspicious covid outbreak meaning they all have to stay at home and self isolate ?

Don't think we have that link up player to make it work.

We need someone to hold the ball up and Richy does more damage on a counter/being involved in midfield than left isolated up top.

Just don't think we get out of our half with Richy up top on his own - see the City game.

It’s a difficult one because Rondon definitely isn’t going to be running in behind. Do we accept we won’t even put one decent counter attack together and play Rondon looking for flick ons or a set piece, or do we negate any sort of aerial out ball by putting Richarlison up top but then we have 4 pacy players upfront if we can sprint a counter.
Five or six nil. Won't be watching obviously, feel sorry for those of you who do, and even sorrier for the poor sods who feel compelled to actually go.

Might as well go for it and play two strikers

one up top against Van Dyke is pointless

As is playing deep and hoping to catch them on the break, invite them on to us and we get destroyed

He wont do it. Never in a million years. Its not in his make up.
To be honest i dont even think this lot thought they could beat brentford. God knows what they are thinking going into this.

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