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Everton MOTM vs Liverpool

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Put it this way, I changed over to I'm A Celeb at half time.

I don’t know why you would have switched over at half time.

After a dodgy opening half hour, when switching over was indeed a very inviting option, we had fought our way back into the bame with Grey’s goal and in fact could have went in level if Doucoure had caught that ball properly in first half injury time.


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The space we gave them in midfield was something to behold...v

Slightly better than I had reckoned.

sack the board and bottle throwing was a common theme.

Desperate days.

Gray man of the match, Rondon looked alright and we missed the target man when he went off. Shame Gordon did not start. Oh it may have been mentioned, Coleman is passed it.


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Meh.. outplayed by a far better team …. Although

1st goal was a great finish

2nd and 3rd goals … no other team in the league is conceding them …. One was defensive naivety and the other was
an inexplicable mistske

4th goal was a great finish too .. maybe Allan could do more ? Maybe Pickford could do better


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I don’t generally leave games early and in over 50years I can count the times I have on one hand, I even stayed to the bitter end of the Keeley derby. But I did tonight for the second this time season ,the other being after Watford’s 5th.
I managed to stay until our dismal free kick before I left and as walked through a pall of red smoke and out onto Bullens Road, I lit up a cigarette and felt relief to be out of that dull misery.
Football is meant to be an entertainment a diversion from everyday woes and while it’s competitive nature means there will be bad days they only add to the joy of the victories.
But this season there have already been too many bad days and I am beginning to care less about Everton F.C. than I ever thought I could.


Player Valuation: £60m
I don’t know why you would have switched over at half time.

After a dodgy opening half hour, when switching over was indeed a very inviting option, we had fought our way back into the bame with Grey’s goal and in fact could have went in level if Doucoure had caught that ball properly in first half injury time.
Because I'm not new to this Everton thing and had pretty accurate expectations of how the second half was going to go.

It’s embarrassing that we can’t even play one touch football. I learnt the basics of the triangle when I was 10 and yet it’s none existent in our play. We dwardle so much on the ball that we get tackled and lose possession so easily. I’ve never seen a team start to counter and then stop half way in order to slow it down just to keep possession. The football is just terrible but what is even worse is that this squad has no intelligent players on the ball and no technical ability.


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Hardest thing for me tonight was seeing my 10 yo lad almost in tears after the 4th went in, just hurting so much at what Everton was doing to him - he's at that age where its starting to really matter to him, and I feel terrible that I've afflicted him with the Everton gene.

I told him no matter what, it's better than being a kopite gobshite and tried to cheer him up with the promise of our day will come, but not sure he bought it (probably because I don't believe it myself).

My 7yo daughter also tried to cheer him up and we got him smiling again on the way out.

I just want them both to have some days in sun supporting this club of ours - I have seen us win trophies but I would take us just being competitive and challenging for things right now - not too much to ask is it??


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OK, heading up to Goodison, can't wait, lads excited, long drive but always worth it to see the Old Lady, I expect it to be bouncing, then who knows what may transpire?

I'm not expecting a result but I am expecting a "performance" anything less and the fans will let the lads and Benitez know, THAT I am sure of.

I have no words, 9 hours drive due to the accident near Knutsford, hope they were OK! But Jesus wept Everton that was piss poor.

Rolled over, pulled pants down, went in dry and let that shower of absolute gobshites ride us.

15 mins second half was OK but the rest, you can keep it.

Good vocal expression at the end.

Few bits of in-fighting, mainly verbal, in Lower Gwladys.

But this is dire, a very bad situation to be in.

The board need to answer and Benitez has to go.


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Absolutely pathetic.

Humiliated at home to Liverpool. Fans fighting among themselves presumably because they can't fight the people in charge who are responsible for this embarrassment.

The club is going one way with this board and that's down.

I don't think I can justify spending money on the club while moshiri is here taking it down.

Don't think I'll be going again until he's gone.


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Sorry for all yous who went the game. Our fans don't deserve this, it's been effing misery for the best part of 30 years. I just cannot be arsed watching those performances any more. Captain Coleman, midfield soft as baby turd, toothless up front, no desire, no aggression, manager writing things down in his notepad, 3 senior execs sat in the stands looking glum. POINTLESS


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I am exactly the same now. We have been run of the mill for so long now that you get use to all the defeats when there have been so many (most in PL history).
In the end you become accustomed and nothing surprises us any longer. I can only blame one man myself, he who used to go in the boys pen (as if)
Same as you and the original poster mate. One man to blame ultimately for 25+ years of mediocrity. I hate those feelings of apathy but can’t shake them. KenWright has sleepwalked our great club into oblivion

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