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Everton MOTM vs Liverpool

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Bet you feel pleased with yourself tonight
The point is that both Coleman (an excellent servant in his time, though) and Kenny are less use than a human-shaped piece of empty space. No point in endless and vindictive debate about whether you'd rather be killed and eaten by a crocodile or a lion. Let's save our venom for the board, and whoever let Coleman go on three seasons beyond his expiry date, with no remotely credible back up, eh?
Why do all our players just talk about the next game or getting another win soon, after they've just lost.

You don't get these points back. They should be flipping devastated to get battered in a derby. Its just a shrug and move on. I'm done with them.

Defending again was poor
Hendersen goal no one picking him up
Godfrey lost the ball for second goal
coleman lost the ball on halfway line for third goal
Why was no one picking him up? They played 4-3-3 against our 4-4-2. They constantly had 3 CMs against our 2, not rocket science unless you are RedShite Benitez and paid £8m per year to know basic stuff like this.... FFS

I could have told you at the start of the season how they would play, anyone could, so why go 4-4-2 unless he is doing it on purpose......
I have supported Everton for 50 odd year and have at various times been in love with them and blue in the face livid with them. But this is the first time i ever remember being apathetic about them. Sad really, that i cant even get riled about the [Phrase removed] smashing four past us at home :(
I am exactly the same now. We have been run of the mill for so long now that you get use to all the defeats when there have been so many (most in PL history).
In the end you become accustomed and nothing surprises us any longer. I can only blame one man myself, he who used to go in the boys pen (as if)
Gray and Richy worked and played near their levels. Rondon worked hard and was a nuisance.

The rest worked, they were just absolutely shot from chasing shadows for the opening 35 minutes because we played absolutely wide open.

The manager has to go.
100%. What happened to this tactically astute some said negative manager. We are playing 442! We look old fashioned and wide open. That won't change when Mina and DCL return. I've seen enough Benitez out.

100%. What happened to this tactically astute some said negative manager. We are playing 442! We look old fashioned and wide open. That won't change when Mina and DCL return. I've seen enough Benitez out.

Oh he's negative mate. We can't attack, but we can't defend to boot. He's the most negative manager going, he's not setting us up to attack because we have no platform to build from which, conversely, leaves us wide open at the back.

It's very plain to see. It's a numbers game. You don't get outnumbered in areas of the pitch. Benitez's 4411 does just that.
The only way this board will listen is if we stopped going to the game, vote with your feet...

I`ll say it again, Moshiri is right up there with poor owners like Venkys at Blackburn, perhaps some will now listen.
He needs better people around him rather than Kenwright giving him a template on how to be successful. He needs to grow some and get the right people around him and send Kenwright back to the Boys Pen. Advice from Kenwright is certainly going to extend our pathetic record
I have been watching Everton since the late 60's and have seen 2 brilliant teams, a few decent teams and of course a lot of bad teams, I just accept it as part of being an Evertonian.
In those 50+ years I have either listen to or watched every Derby, but not tonight, didn't even want to look at the result because I knew it was inevitable, but do you know what the sad thing is, I was relieved when I saw it was only 1-4.
I can take getting beat but like most fans want the players to break sweat for their ridiculous wages, we know they are all mercenaries who don't give a monkeys about Everton but at least they could make an effort but not this lot.
It is sad that the club I love is rotten from the top to the bottom. Thank God for the fans.
If I was married to Everton I would divorce them tomorrow, but I can't, I am an Evertonian for life but all that feels
like at the moment if a life sentence :(
The rs are at a totally different level to us.
At least there was a good atmosphere and I mean loud and angry by that. We had a go but we are just a poor team with no bench.
I never voted motm against Brentford and can’t bring myself to vote again tonight, It’s gonna be a tough month ahead thank god Watford got beat and Southampton only drew
I’m afraid we will drop even lower in the league and realistically can’t see where our next 3 points will come from maybe the odd draw against Newcastle
Still always a blue it’s the young supporters I feel sorry for the stick they must get

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