Match Thread Everton v Liverpool, Wednesday 1st December 20:15

Everton MOTM vs Liverpool

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Its all Moshiri!
Arsenal swerved one with this Moshiri clown and his doubtful fat friend. Would keep Pickford, Dacoure, DCL, Gray and Townsend. Change everything else because it is [Poor language removed]. To see our obese board members who can't manage themselves it appears, together tonight made me sick.
If Bill was an Everton supporter he would never have sold out to two(and it is two) such clueless pricks.

Three bad mistakes - Godfrey - Coleman - Allan - Pickford all combined handed it to a far better team we had 20 minutes of that game.......
The tactics the substitutions by RB were again confusing .....,
Something has to be done we cant carry on with this set up ...
In fairness to allan he looked out on his feet the last 15 mins as he covered doucoure all night who for some reason was left on the pitch but looked like he was sick or something
Disgraceful 2 second half goals to give away. Coleman we know is finished yet still no replacement. Allan so slow and got turned then Pickford with the goal covered decides to start going down to his left. Upright and that was a comfy save.

Digne and Coleman will be my new boo boys. Digne is just not a good defender and plays at half pace. Godfrey is all bluster with no skill, Keane is just so easy to play against.
I have to admit though that I was expecting a hammering and even when it came I felt no pain..........just total disinterest.
Hopefully open the paper tomorrow and Kenwright and Brands will be gone
The clown in goal did his best, not getting hit in his ugly face by the ball. Didnt even try to save it the [Poor language removed]!

lol he stopped 3 goals.

Look at Coleman and Keane ffs.

Those two need binning.
Looked to me like he was a fault for the first two. I didn’t say he didn’t do anything well. He’s miles off at the moment. So many rough edges to smooth, needs to learn the basics of defending, positioning and dealing with movement in the box to attack the ball. In a solid team that functioned and protected the back four, he’d be fine to chuck in there. In our current position, a lad that is learning on the spot and being put in difficult positions and constant decisions to make is a liability.
As much a sacking Rafael would please some fans really it’s not the answer, yes he needs to buck up his ideas and imo he does deserve another transfer window make his own mark on the team. It’s no good keep hiring and firing, it’s hasn’t worked for us before so why now? No one decent available anyway if the position got so bad and he was t9 go, Dunc would be my choice he should have stayed before, the Ancelotti era has damaged us so much.

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