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Player Valuation: £70m
Not convinced.
Why not put Rico on right, DCL through middle and either Lookman or Bernard on left.
You'd have the left be able to hold the ball to set up Rico on left via Gomes and Sig - the go to pattern of play really.

Is Rico better than Walcott doing this - yes, much better if given the time.
He's getting battered but in the space Walcott gets he would thrive.

So why is Silva persisting?
Just maybe bc there is some pulling power within this team Marco is not willing get get control of.
For example, is Rico demanding he plays on the left if he plays wing.

If Silva is looking for a three prong counter of Ric, DCL, Theo - its a mistake.
He needs a Mahrez like player up front to set up the others - we have either Lookman, Bernard or Gomes to do this.
Don't think he knows what to do with the cards he's been dealt.
....Richarlison most effective position has been cutting in from the left onto his right foot. I’m sure Silva would play him right side if he felt it would work.

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