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Match Thread Everton v Chelsea - Preview, Match Report and MotM Poll

Everton Man of the Match

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What did they say?
Rewatched it and it's right before they cut to the match commentary.

The camera is on Marcel Brands standing alone looking out over the pitch - The host is saying something about him you can tell he's distracted - You can hear Neville and Hargraves tittering while he's talking.. whether it's about Brands or something else it was annoying at the time but it was late here and I was probably just tired. Unprofessional nonetheless,


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Only just got round to reading this back after the weekend and I really am surprised at the amounts of comments saying how poor we actually were and not very good (effort aside). The standard of play really has to be taken in to context and not over analysed. Chelsea are a good side and if we tried to go toe to toe in footballing terms we would have lost. Ferguson had 1 training session with the team. It was a needs must performance full of effort and passion. The players out there are more than capable of playing much more attractive football than that but it was all about getting the result against a team better than ours. I'll take that level of performance every week for now if it means points and getting away from the bottom.

Go on Duncan

Blue Roo

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Best team performance in a long long time.

Got a new manager bump and with the spirit and personality of Dunc, we got it x 2.

And we played to formation/tactics that gave the players the means to put in a good team performance.

Silva style of play gave the players no confidence in each other, they did not work as a team.
We don't have the players to do what he was trying. Our players loose the ball too easily.
And to press the way he did you have to be able to keep possession when you get the ball other wise you leave yourself wide open.
The space behind the press, and in general, between the lines was way too big.
Basically your second guessing a lot, its a false confidence.

Gylfi and Schniederlin in the middle played a much more cohesive disciplined game, and with the 442 built around them, everyone worked for each other with commitment and confidence, They had a much better collective sense of what they were doing.

Gylfi was creeping forward a bit too much at times, but at least Schneiderlin could easily read this within compact formation.
But at least with these two you had guys than can pick a pass.

Whoever ends up playing in midfield, the way we were set up on Saturday should always have been the start of a transition and building foundations for the seasons ahead.

Until we get a proper spine to the team we shouldn't be trying to play differently.
No.1 aim should be to CBs who have pace can play with their feet, can pick the passes, who have both vision in defence and attack.
But also have the toughness and arrogance needed to dominate their box.

Hopefully Dunc can get us through to the end of the season.
Meanwhile the board need to have a good think about what is possible, what will be most successful.
I don't think we should aspire what I'd call super rich football. The differing styles of City and Barcelona, or a Madrid, a PSG, a RS, all have one thing in common, they have world class players and managers, only they can consistently attract, to allow them to play the football they do.

You can't throw a manger like Koeman in and expect what he is trying to work at Goodison. The style of football he tries to play, he has only probably realised himself, only works with a certain level and type of players (outside of the Eredivisie). With players like Van Dijk, De Jong, De Ligt and Wijnaldum he has made a hapless Dutch side get back amongst the top. Its born out of Barcelona's dream team. Cruyff himself would not have been able to make Everton tick. And we will never be able to buy/attract Van Dijk or De Jong.
But that doesn't mean all is lost.

But we can build a team and style like Leceister and Atletico and kncok the super rich off their perches.
We need to find a new Simone not a new Pep.
And we need to be realistic about our style, rather than chasing the latest fashion, bc we will just end up in the same mess.
Then it get down to to astute buys and developing and unearthing top class youth.
Cause we got the Goodison factor just waiting in the wings for a real challenge to be had.


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That ball boy has had a day and a half
At my age I really envy both of those kids as memories of that win and their jives with Dunc will live with them for the rest of their lives. I bet they're basking in that experience in school day. I was on the park celebrating our title win in 62/63, it feels like yesterday especially when times are bad.


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At my age I really envy both of those kids as memories of that win and their jives with Dunc will live with them for the rest of their lives. I bet they're basking in that experience in school day. I was on the park celebrating our title win in 62/63, it feels like yesterday especially when times are bad.
The magic of football returned on saturday

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This Man of the Match poll is open till 2.31on Thursday afternoon, don't delay, have your say and vote today... this vote is way more important than that other vote on Thursday ;)
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