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Guilty unitl proven innocent

And its that time, finally some might say, our final Home game of a very up and down season.

A much improved Burnley visit Goodison Park and 1 time Pop Idol superstar Gravy Dyche brings his team of blockers to test themselves against Marcos banter blues. With hopes of 7th fading fast we need 3 points here to give us even the remotest of chances.

Hopefully extra shooting practice and passing in tight spaces has been on the menu at training at FF.

Suspect Marco might try a little tweak with the team, but im probably wrong.

Goats 11 to start :

Colio - ZOOMS - Kegerino - Digsy
Ganio - Davio
Ricio - Viking - Bernio


(ง •̀ゝ•́)ง
These will be so predictable, Defend with 10 men hoof if it up to the donkey Woods and Barnes.
Will be an ugly game tbh.

Tim UpperBullen

Player Valuation: £500k
Let's hope we smash them, the players and kids can enjoy the lap of appreciation together (just a year ago when fat Sam let the players trudge round on their own to an empty stadium) and we can look forward to next season. 1-0 to the mighty blues as Burnley Park the bus


Player Valuation: £8m
Please smash them simply for them with
Nothing to play for giving there all for the dark side , yard dogs to a man,hope our samba stars rip them apart


Player Valuation: £100m
....the Everton players should be enjoying their footy, so I don’t think this will be dire. An early goal and the team should play with freedom.

I’m useless at predicting footy, but i’m going for 5-1.
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