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The case could be made it's the worst team he could have put out. Honestly would rather have had the kids play as a message that the performances of almost every player on the pitch last week will not be tolerated. Instead, the Icelandic tit is captain.
Name another realistic 11?

"But but but Anthony Gordon'

99/100 fans crying that haven't seen the lad kick a ball and now isn't the time to throw him in.


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Im setting off now.not looking forward to it.wanted changes.and steong management.COYB.UTFT.i will leave the ground first.never boo the team


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I think Delph and Davies is our best midfield with what we've got by I can see why Delph hasn't started, He's also made of paper.

Archie Knox

Ancelotti has his hands tied behind his back until he's given a complete overhaul of the squad. There is not a "decent xi" to be made at all. No matter which players he selects there are going to be about 4 or 5 who definitely don't deserve to be in there and surely must be on their way out sooner or later.
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