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MOTM vs Aston Villa

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Townsend is atrocious, Doucoure for all his power and energy has the touch of a Sunday league player sometimes.

Dominic Calvert-Lewin is getting absolutely bullied by Mings, Richarlison is just running around chasing the ball, Gomes is running through mud


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Has to get Allan on for Townsend 2nd half, get Gray running Digne and Richarlison from the left.

Understand why he might have left out Mykolenko as he doesn't know him that well and he's new to the league but need a left-footer in the team badly.


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Same as last time Dunc was involved. Players look motivated but just very little idea how to attack. flat 4-4-2, dated. Can only do so much on passion alone.

He's seen that 2 in the middle does not work with what we have so why hes gone with it again I dont know.

Final ball and passing by both sides has been awful. We win the ball back and then lose it again.

Need that extra body in midfield, bring Gray and Richy more into the game.

Very little between the two sides IMO. They just have more pocket players.
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