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Everton Unveil New 20/21 Kit


Player Valuation: £70m
Yeah the kits should deffo be cheaper because they bring a new one out every year anyway. Or be £50 or more but keep that same kit for atleast 2 seasons then it would be sound


Player Valuation: £50m
Wish every club would do this and just limit them at £20. I don't buy shirts myself, nor do i have kids, but i think it's really poor that clubs like Liverpool expect fathers to fork out £120 every year per child.

If all clubs agreed with manufacturers to have a price cap for plain smarter designs it'd be much better for the public.
That’s why I’m happy the training gear is only £30. It’s good quality and looks boss.

No matter how you dress it up, we’re still charging £50 for a shirt which you won’t wear in a year because it’s old.

Liverpool can charge £120 cause they know kids will nag their parents until they give in. Absolutely mental.£120 for something the kids will repeat bag about in 12 months... genius really.


Player Valuation: £20m
I don’t get the ‘where is the imagination’ stuff people bang about with kits.

we play in blue and white. Done

whenever they’ve ever done anything quirky people have gone mental (85, 97 etc)


Please don't call me "Mickey" lar
I like the colour scheme for the away kit and think the shirt looks alright, but I’m still not seeing the HUGE jump in quality and originality that all the Umbro haters assured us we’d see with Hummel

They seem like any other kit manufacturer to me, except they can’t seem to stick a badge onto the shirt properly


Player Valuation: £500k
I am happy with these kits. Collars arent perfect, and the Gazoo font is weird, but still it is alright

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