Europa league swerve or not?

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What do we reckon? The likelihood is we'll have plenty going on recruiting a new manager. Plus player recruitment can allegedly be more problematic in a world cup summer.

For me it's a needless distraction, based on the financial return.

We saw the mess it left us this season.

Anyone have any good pro Europa stances.



Player Valuation: £8m
Absolutely yes to another cup. Another chance at winning a trophy and Europe attracts better players. I don't buy into this needless distraction bollocks - just a bit of organisation woule be nice from Moshiri through to the manager. I.e Lukaku, i.e playing players in their position. Would help avoid some of the disaster.


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..not sure if the thread relates to qualifying this season or ever. I very much doubt it’ll be achievable this season, which might be a blessing given the status of the playing squad and the likely upheaval in the summer. In hindsight I think it was a major difficulty starting this season so early with so many new acquisitions.

Going forward, Europe has to always be an aspiration.


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Purely for selfish reasons then it's great for a few days away which are always remarkable and fun - watching the Blues in Europe is a must for all.

However, like I've said in previous years, thinking objectively then I always think the EL on the pitch can become an unnecessary distraction.

Especially when you consider how early we'd almost certainly have to start playing, the distance travelled and the overall number of games.

It's another nineteen plus fixtures and with the CL teams being throw into the mix, it makes it an incredibly difficult competition to ultimately win.

If it was purely teams from the EL from the outset then perhaps I'd be more inclined to say yes, but it isn't and never, ever will be.

Plus, I think the draw of playing in EL for players (a way to signing players) is often overstated as I feel the draw to play in the PL is itself greater.

It's certainly not got the attraction or credibility of the Champions League, which is a major tool in bringing in new acquisitions.


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in this day and age players should be able to cope with an extra few games, we have a big squad anyway

and yer European aways have been the only good thing abar there terrible season


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We should always want to be in Europe, but honestly, the way things have gone this year I think we should swerve until we get our feet back under the table. Sort this unbalanced mess of a side out, make us competitive in the league again and then worry about having the squad for Europe.
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