Europa League Draw

Discussion in 'Everton Forum' started by Banksyefc, Jul 13, 2017.

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  1. McMagic

    McMagic Player Valuation: £2.5m

    The Europa Cup draw is down to the biggest brown envelope given to Gianni Infantino. The draw will be made by Sepp Blatter &
    Michel Platini & invigilated By Pierluigi Collina in an AA Box somewhere on the A1.
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  2. Wat Tyler

    Wat Tyler Player Valuation: £50m

    Thanks mate. Ukraine would be a nightmare.
  3. Frodsham Blue

    Frodsham Blue Player Valuation: £750k Forum Supporter

    Why would it be a nightmare ?
    I take it you've never been.
    Kharkiv was one of the best European aways ever !
    The stuff of legend.
    Dynamo Kiev was so good that me and my mate went back for the weekend a few months back.
  4. Frodsham Blue

    Frodsham Blue Player Valuation: £750k Forum Supporter

    If you've got that right Dan, I'll be massively impressed.
    Could manage another trip to Ukraine, Israel would be different.
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  5. Jozzy

    Jozzy Player Valuation: £8m

    I'm just hoping for the most winnable run to the group stages as possible.
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  6. raithrovers94

    raithrovers94 Player Valuation: £1m

    Locals are crazy
  7. Toffee in Jandals

    Toffee in Jandals Player Valuation: £8m

    Wikipedia explains it well:–18_UEFA_Europa_League

    Amongst the confirmed unseeded teams I count two Ukrainian, two Romanian, and one Polish, while there looks to be a lot of Eastern European / Balkan teams in the second-round ties so a longer trip out east looks likely for us.

    Exciting though, can't wait - potential banana skin, hope Ron gives the competition the respect it deserves and we play full strength teams in the third round. From memory West Ham were bundled out before the group stages a couple of years back so we should take nothing for granted.
  8. nsnojosh

    nsnojosh Player Valuation: £2.5m

    Due to seeding we can't get teams like Milan. It'll be a part-time club from eastern Europe

    We should be playing a full-strength team here btw, don't care if we get St Johnstone or whatever. Competition has to be taken seriously. I predict we'll get Odds BK
  9. Frodsham Blue

    Frodsham Blue Player Valuation: £750k Forum Supporter

    I'd love Moldova or Azerbaijan.
  10. mrb85

    mrb85 Player Valuation: £25m

    Ostend for me.
  11. ToffeeDan

    ToffeeDan Player Valuation: £70m

    Based it on the premise that 1,2,3,4,5 (seeds) were placed in Groups A-E with 6-10 in E to A. There is no real reason to move teams about in the seeded section. This would put us (13) into Group C with the 3rd, 8th etc ranked teams. Assuming a fair draw... that makes Group A the odd one out with just 5 teams (who is to say they won't jig it about to make it E and appear, aestetically, more pleasing with 12 in A-D and 10 in E..

    Anyway it all works out nicely with the non-seeds (30-58) being allocated in reverse so that, like a balanced draw the weakest are coupled with the strongest side, 2nd strongest with 2nd weakest. There was a need to allocate a handful because of country clashes.. Anyway let's see if they do play it as fair as possible of make some niggly little adjustments.
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  12. barneygumble

    barneygumble Player Valuation: £35m

    You'll be close.

    But for my benefit I hope you're wrong about Oleksandriya andBnei Yehuda.

    Arka and Mladacost would be awesome.
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  13. helpimonfire

    helpimonfire Player Valuation: £15m

    I got family who live there

    You are correct bud.
  14. Seathestars

    Seathestars Player Valuation: £50m Forum Supporter

    This brought back memories of Baku, Azerbaijan. The women have got to be amongst the most beautiful on earth
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  15. Armaghtoffee

    Armaghtoffee Player Valuation: £20m

    This on TV anywhere?
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