Euro 2021 Fixtures - UK Televised Games


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The full tournament schedule, including details of kick-off times and how to watch in the UK, is set out below.

Group stage​

Friday, June 11

Group A: Turkey vs Italy (8pm kick-off, BBC)

Saturday, June 12

Group A: Wales vs Switzerland (2pm, BBC)

Group B: Denmark vs Finland (5pm, BBC)

Group B: Belgium vs Russia (8pm, ITV)

Sunday, June 13

Group D: England vs Croatia (2pm, BBC)

Group C: Austria vs North Macedonia (5pm, ITV)

Group C: Holland vs Ukraine (8pm, ITV)

Monday, June 14

Group D: Scotland vs Czech Republic (2pm, BBC)

Group E: Poland vs Slovakia (5pm, ITV)

Group E: Spain vs Sweden (8pm BBC)

Tuesday, June 15

Group F: Hungary vs Portugal (5pm, ITV)

Group F: France vs Germany (8pm, ITV)

Wednesday, June 16

Group B: Finland vs Russia (2pm, BBC)

Group A: Turkey vs Wales (5pm, BBC)

Group A: Italy vs Switzerland (8pm, ITV)

Thursday, June 17

Group C: Ukraine vs North Macedonia (2pm, ITV)

Group B: Denmark vs Belgium (5pm, ITV)

Group C: Holland vs Austria (8pm, BBC)

Friday, June 18

Group E: Sweden vs Slovakia (2pm, BBC)

Group D: Croatia vs Czech Republic (5pm, BBC)

Group D: England vs Scotland (8pm, ITV)

Saturday, June 19

Group F: Hungary vs France (2pm, BBC)

Group F: Portugal vs Germany (5pm, ITV)

Group E: Spain vs Poland (8pm, BBC)

Sunday, June 20

Group A: Italy vs Wales (5pm, ITV)

Group A: Switzerland vs Turkey (5pm, ITV)

Monday, June 21

Group C: North Macedonia vs Holland (5pm, ITV)

Group C: Ukraine vs Austria (5pm, ITV)

Group B: Russia vs Denmark (8pm, BBC)

Group B: Finland vs Belgium (8pm, BBC)

Tuesday, June 22

Group D: Czech Republic vs England (8pm, ITV)

Group D: Croatia vs Scotland (8pm, ITV)

Wednesday 23 June

Group E: Slovakia vs Spain (5pm, ITV)

Group E: Sweden vs Poland (5pm, ITV)

Group F: Germany vs Hungary (8pm, BBC)

Group F: Portugal v France (8pm, BBC)

Round of 16​

Saturday, June 26

Game 1: Group A runner-up vs Group B runner-up (5pm, Channel TBC)

Game 2: Group A winner vs Group C runner-up (8pm, Channel TBC)

Sunday, June 27

Game 3: Group C winner vs Third-place finisher in Group D/E/F (5pm, Channel TBC)

Game 4: Group B winner vs Third-place finisher in Group D/E/F (8pm, Channel TBC)

Monday, June 28

Game 5: Group D runner-up vs Group E runner-up (5pm, Channel TBC)

Game 6: Group F winner vs Third-place finisher in Group A/B/C (8pm, Channel TBC)

Tuesday, June 29

Game 7: Group D winner vs Group F runner-up (5pm, Channel TBC)

Game 8: Group E winner vs Third-place finishers in Group A/B/C/D (8pm, Channel TBC)

Quarter-finals TV channels​

Friday, July 2

QF1: Winner 6 vs Winner 5 (5pm, Channel TBC)

QF2: Winner 4 vs Winner 2 (8pm, Channel TBC)

Saturday, July 3

QF3: Winner 3 vs Winner 1 (5pm, Channel TBC)

QF4: Winner 8 vs Winner 7 (8pm, Channel TBC)


Tuesday, July 6

SF1: Winner QF2 vs Winner QF1 (8pm, Channel TBC)

Wednesday, July 7

SF2: Winner QF4 vs Winner QF3 8pm, Channel TBC)


Sunday, July 11

Winner SF1 vs Winner SF2 (8pm, BBC & ITV)


Player Valuation: £70m
Cant wait, only 2 or 3 weeks with no football on TV and were back, ace, just wish I had a George Cross foam finger to wave at the telly


Player Valuation: £8m
The format of this is a farce - 36 matches to eliminate 8 sides, with three out of four going through in most groups.

That said, at a stretch, there is probably one match a day that might justify making the effort.

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