2022/23 Ellis Simms

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Just also want to say, Dyche was getting pelters for his subs, just before the Simms goal. Reason we’re all keyboard warriors and he’s picking up the best part of 5 mill a year.
I'm not for one second suggesting Ellis Simms will turn out to be the next Harry Kane, however he has a better youth record than him (32 goals in a 21 game season once at EPL U18) , scored more goals out on loan than Kane did in his (4) loan spells and has a far superior beard....

However having done nothing in 4 loan spells Kane did in fairness start banging them in at 21 when given a chance. But obviously Simms has missed the boat now having turned 22 in January and being rightly written off after not bagging a hat trick on his debut against the RS. Shame. Could have had a player there. The next Harry Kane will be out there somewhere.....
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He has the tools for sure to be a good striker in English football...very strong indeed and can strike and head the ball well. Hopefully the goal will motivate him to put even more effort in training.

Pleased for the lad. Probably should have had more game time than he's had in recent weeks. He has done something Maupay seems incapable of - scored a goal! It was a boost for everyone.
Get in Simbo ! Looked like he had a bit of aggression in him today! If dyche could get that out of him he has other natural tools !

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