Ellis Simms

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Player Valuation: £70m
My feeling is he really should be getting a regular go at u23 level. He is going to stall out if he just keeps dominating the u18s. What worries me is he looks like the type of could who just bullies players with size and strength. Only a few can translate that to the very top level and they still need the skill to match. But let's also not pretend every big striker is scoring 24 in 14 or whatever it is at that level. He certainly is one to watch.

Cameron Manning

Player Valuation: £15m
Personally I'd keep hold of him this season. First thing is he needs game time in the U23s. Unsworth is playing Sambou every game this season and, whilst he's doing OK, he should really have kicked on by now if he was going to make it here. I just feel Unworth is trying to give him every chance to justify the £1m he got the club to fork out on him a couple of years ago.

He's had plenty of opportunities now, and needs to make way for some of the younger players who are showing promise, like Simms and Adedoyin. Simms, in particular has shown he is too good at U18s and needs testing to continue his development. He should be starting for the U23s for the rest of the season and I'd also play him in the FA youth cup. It would be nice to have a proper go at that this year when we have a decent squad at U18.

If he does will at U23 level it may even be worth Marco having a closer look at him and get him training with the first X! squad. I think calls to have him on the bench for the first team are a bit premature at the moment, but if he does impress for the U23s and in training, then why not, especially if we have some dead rubber games towards the end of the season.

Next year I'd be looking to get him out on loan, probably at League 1 level rather than the championship. I think it's game time against open age teams he needs at this stage and he may not get that sitting in the bench for a championship team. He's still only 17 so there's absolutely no rush.
Yes agree with most of that, especially having a good go, by playing all elegible players, at the FA youth cup, I think we'd have a very good chance of winning that if we play all our best players.
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