Transfer Rumour Diego Costa

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Player Valuation: £8m
Costa and somebody else? Go for it. Costa alone for September to January 1st? Awful short term thinking which could lead to us panic buying in January for a bang average replacement.

It's only rumour so far, but the fact that this could end up being our solution to lukaku's replacement shows that quite frankly we didn't have a proper contingency plan in place which is disgraceful. It's only due to a massive fallout and being a bell that he may even end up here.

Aaron Mccoo

Player Valuation: £225k
Makes no sense. He's been out in Brazil since the end of last season and has barely trained. He's at least 6 weeks away from been match ready. And then its gonna take him a bit longer to be fully match sharp. By the time he's up and running he'll be at Atletico.

Seriously we got the money, go buy a match ready striker right now.


Player Valuation: £8m
Sign him till end of January, gives us the winter window to buy a replacement. Better than nothing,and we can then use money to buy a centre half, a winger, a left back, a centre mid, another winger and another striker.
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